The Lakes:

Big Moor

The largest lake of the three being 6 acres in size. This is the lake to fish if your after a specimen. With carp pushing 30lb and many more growing over 20lb every year. The tench are regularly caught at 4-5lb and have been caught to 8lb. Crucians have been caught to 3lb and Roach and Rudd being caught at 2lb and 1lb Roach being a regular occurrence.

Little Moor

The smallest lake at only 1.5 acres is the perfect float lake.

​stocked with Tench, Crucians, Roach, Rudd, Perch and a few Carp. Probably the most beautiful of them all being lined with lily pads and irises.


This lake has always been run as a trout fishery until the 1st April 2017. It was stocked with carp for the first time in February 2016 from 4lb-15lb. We hope to make this one a carp fishery of the future and it will be interesting to see how well the carp get on over the years. 


We pride ourselfs on putting our fish first, we believe that as long as our waters are well managed and we look after our fish, they will look after our anglers in return. 

We regularly net the lakes to crop out all the small fish that breed every year. This reduces the biomass and keeps the fish in top condition. We also feed our fish a supplement pellet so keep them on top form.

This is just a few steps we take in managing our waters properly and improving them for many years to come.

About Great Somerford Lakes

Great Somerford Lakes

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